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  • Bullets N' Buitenzorg: An Epic Journey to Bogor

    On last Saturday until Sunday (18-19/05), Speed Creed held an event open for all SC Gold and SC Silver members, which was Bullets N' Buitenzorg. The event consisted of a run from Plaza Senayan to Novotel Hotel Bogor, and the main event was a paintball battle at Brigade 3234, it was the first ever overnight event held by the Speed Creed Team.

    The crew and members gathered at the Plaza Senayan parking lot at 4 oíclock in the morning, it was dark and cold, and I had very little sleep, but since Iíll be going to see a number of supercars that day, I was more awake than a puppy thatís been given coffee and Red Bull for breakfast.

    And precisely at 05:15 (or maybe 05:30), we left Plaza Senayan for Bogor. I got a ride in Arif WS' Nissan GT-R

    Aaahh, Iím in a mad 600bhp sportscar, the sun has just risen, I could see a number of sports car out the window with the mountains in the background, and I could hear the symphony of a Japanese turbocharged V6, a German V10, Italian V8, and many other beautiful engines. What better way to start your morning?

    Will's Lotus Elise, our official SC Media Car.

    zakariabdrrzk's Toyota 86

    A number of sportscars including nicosantoso's BMW Z3, schneider's BMW M135i, sekel's BMW M5, andryani.2507's Mazda MX-5, and jetro_b73tz's Mk.5 Golf GTI with the view of the mountains in the horizon. The view doesn't get any better than this.

    Oh wait, it actually does get better. jonjon's Ferrari California against eric invidious' Ferrari F430 Spyder. Two Italian prancing horses getting ready to unleash all it's power, the front-engine convertible or the mid-engine convertible? Though choice.

    The trip from Jakarta to Bogor usually feels quite far and long, but since I was in a 600bhp 3.5L V6 Turbo mad-mobile, it didnít took very long at all, in just around an hour we arrived at the hotel. Surprisingly, AndyAnindyo's G35 were able to get through the rough and bumpy roads of the hotel.

    Our welcome sign on the registration table.

    The cars weren't the only one that needed to refuel after the trip.

    After the registration was done, the crew went out to take photographs of the cars outside.

    The BMW M5 is also our official SC Media Car, and it is a perfect example of supercar performance and everyday practicality. You get the monstrous 500bhp V10 engine, but you could fit 5 people in comfort in the car, and put all your belongings easily in the back of the car without having to break your wrist. And look at those tailpipes. My ideal car.

    Power? Yes, everyone loves some extra power. I would love to push this button while screaming poweeeeerrrrr...

    And give a warm welcome to the newest addition to our member, santai's 600horsepower Lancer Evo IX. Yes. 600horsepower in this 4-door, 4-wheel drive Japanese rally car. We like. A lot.

    After we had breakfast, split the members for the paintball team and prepared, we all went to Brigade 3234 for our main event, which is paintball.

    We were divided into two teams; Team Tajir vs Team Subur. Team Subur obviously had the advantage, our President, Mr. sekel was on Team Subur, and he went berserk on the battle. Killing pretty much everyone. Including his own teammate.

    By around 15:00 we had finished the paintball event, lots of fun, but also sweaty and massively tired, so we went back to the hotel, checked in and went straight to the showers.

    After we had a nice shower, a little rest, and also dinner, the crew went out to take even more photographs of the cars.

    Twin white Scirocco R. The VW Scirocco is basically a VW Golf that's been through a diet and it looks like a supermodel.

    Don't fancy a Scirocco? Then enjoy this Golf GTI Mk.5, probably one of the best hatchback of all time.

    The Japanese Godzilla is creeping up behind the Italian horse, ready to breath it's fire.

    I was never really a fan of the Ferrari 430, but seeing this Spyder version in real life is......different. It looks simply beautiful. Muscular mid-engine looks combined with the elegance of that soft-top. Talk about beauty.

    Say hello again to this mad, yellow, 600bhp Japanese 4-door saloon. If this car was a cartoon character, it would be Winnie The Pooh that has been given some steroids. And maybe a bit of viagra.

    The next day, before we checked out and left the hotel, the SC Media Team did one more photoshoot, we set up the car in a reserved place and started taking photos and videos of the cars.

    As you can see, our crew works as hard as possible to get the best shots and footage from the best angles, to bring you the highest quality of photos and videos.

    During the photoshoot, we also opened a booth for the SC Collezione, selling merchandise to the members and the public, we have t-shirts, stickers, and for the members; carbon-fiber number plate covers. Interested? Contact Indra at indra@speedcreed.net for your SC Collezione needs!

    The Toyota 86 and the Golf GTI, both cars are white, and costs nearly the same, but they're very different. One is Japanese, the other is German. One is rear-wheel drive, the other is front-wheel drive. One has a naturally aspirated engine, the other is turbocharged. One is a two-door coupe, the other is a hatchback. Which one would you pick, Speeders?

    The Ferrari is the leader of the pack, it was the most exotic car we had in the BnB event. The V8 of the car is simply beautiful.

    After we got the whole car in position, one of our photographers climbed up on top of a car and took this photo. A truly perfect photo, and after that we pack our things, and went to SCBD to have lunch.

    On the way home, we stopped for fuel at this Shell fuel station. The Ferrari 430 looks at home here.

    And finally, we arrived at SCBD to have our (rather late) lunch at Warung Tekko. As we cool-down after a perfect two days at the Novotel Bogor, we opened the engine cover of the Ferrari to also let it cool down.

    The Bullets n Buitenzorg event was a lot of fun, some things still needed to be fixed, but it was really a fun event. Hopefully, the SC Team could hold more overnight events that are better, and much more fun!

    Photos by; Dicky Andriawan, Muhammad Balbed, Kyle Fletcher, Reza Anom, Joshua Setiadi, Hafizh Pratama
    Words by; Hafizh Pratama
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      mbalbed -
      great write up.....
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      joshsetiadi -
      great event!
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      andryani.2507 -
      super fun event! cant wait for the next one ;D
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      another great coverage by SC media team, hehehe nice work volks,,