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    Once again Speed Creedís community division put up a successful event last Saturday, The Morning Sprint. Members registered for this event over exceeded our expectations and the allowable limit for the event; it seems that short registration time period did not deter faithful Speed Creed membersí determination to unleash their fast rides on empty early morning roads. Our highest gratitude for all members who showed us support making last Saturdayís Morning Sprint event a fun, safe, and cheerful gathering.

    Yes, it was an early morning sprint as the event name implies. 4.30 AM meet at Senayan Golf Club parking lot is really when the magic starts, I myself arrived close to 5 AM and found few members with their cars already mingling, Prestige Auto crew and few Nuvolks GTIs to name a few- talking about really early birds. Soon after we heard roars of loud exhausts driving along Asia-Africa breaking the morning silence, with each loud pass we kept silent and listened to just what cars they come from. Ferrari exhaust sounds are still most notable amongst all cars.

    Also a loud 458 Italia with IPE aftermarket exhaust system, simply brute and loud sound coming out of those pipes

    Around 30 members gathered and mingle waiting for event briefing and take off. At around 6.30 AM all members was finely briefed by Speed Creed team and Handy Talkies were checked, members left Senayan Golf Course in two groups heading over to Living World Mall at Alam Sutera.

    A Lead car ensured safety of all members on the road with proper speeds maintained, the team really watches over extreme overtaking and any unsafe movement by all members. Safety remains first and foremost. The most essential tool members must have, a Handy Talkie, communicates all manner of danger.

    Arriving at Living World Mall at Alam Sutera, member cars get special front parking treatment that is otherwise off-limits for everybody else, one of few perks of having a sexy super car. For us though, it is the invaluable sight of super cars parked along each other that stand out. I bet some of us did similar things when we were kids with little matchbox car figurines, I for one did.

    Members gathered in Bebek Tepi Sawah restaurant, where they are greeted by some brochure and pamphlets of our event sponsors: Toyo Tires and Prestige Auto CBU dealership.

    Bebek Tepi Sawah restaurantís favorite dish- a delicious fried duck served over rice and spicy Balinese condiments completes the event nicely. I reckoned this is the first time for myself to indulge a fried duck meal before 8 AM, it is not a common breakfast meal but it is a great lunch meal. Luckily though I managed to burn more calories for the rest of the day by taking pictures of cars out in the sun for hours on end.

    By 9.30 AM the event draws to a close and members slowly made their way home, we cannot stop taking pictures for members rides and enjoy the moment by mingling outside talking about cars. What a way to start a Saturday morning, something most of us would not mind to repeat on every single weekend. Great job community division for arranging a fun and safe event, most of all thanks Speeders for all your support, we hope to see you guys again for our next upcoming event. Stay Tuned and check SpeedCreed.net regularly !

    Photos by: Ardho Wibawa, Glen Sullivan
    Words By: Edrick Pramana
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