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  • [NEWS] Dodge Durango SRT: America's Fastest Three Row SUV

    If anything, two things are hot in the Indonesian car industry: SUVs, and 7-seaters. So a 7-seater SUV? Massive hit. Take a look at the Mitsubishi Pajero as well as the Toyota Fortuner, practical cars that can go to many places if you've got four wheel drive. However, we've been missing something here, we're missing......performance. That's where the Dodge Durango SRT comes in.

    The Durango is a big, three row SUV from Dodge, and the SRT version will come along with a 392 cubic-inch HEMI V8, that's 6.4L for everyone else. The HEMI power plant will make 475 horsepower, with 0-100km/h gone in just 4.4 seconds. For something the size of a small supermarket, that is pretty quick.

    The power is delivered to all four wheels via a TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission. Whatever that is. And this SUV muscle car has seven driving modes ranging from 'auto' to 'track', and that is a lot of driving mode for an American SUV.

    There are also improvements all over the car, the exhausts, dampers and brakes are all replaced and/or improved. The wheels are massive 5-spoke 20inch rollers, which is a surprise because it looks rather small.

    The Durango is 'Murica's fastest three row SUV ever. So if you need to get six or seven people anywhere in a hurry, the Durango SRT is the car to buy. A daily run would be done in a mere hour in this, take the kids to school, drop the wifey, take your mother-in-law to wherever she needs to be, this should all be done much more quickly.

    Not to mention you could do this along the way, should you find yourself bored at a red light:


    Good fun. Now, realistically, we're never going to get these Durango SRTs in the country. Yes, the Garasindo has been rather serious on making their name in the country, but do you really want a 7-seater high performance SUV with America's build quality? It won't be cheap either considering the stupidly high taxes we have here.

    To illustrate my point, ask yourselves: even if the Durango SRT was under 2,000,000,000 IDR, would you get the Durango, or something like the Mercedes-Benz GLS400 which has a 333 horsepower bi-turbo V6 with superior German build quality and comfort?