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  • [NEWS] Our New Favorite SUV: The GLC63 AMG

    The Mercedes-Benz GLC models are, in essence, a lifted version of the Mercedes C-Class. And while higher ground clearance is nice, I don't see any problem with the standard C-Class' ground clearance nor do I see any reason why you would go with the GLC instead of the C-Class unless you live in the middle of nowhere. While it might be popular abroad, the GLC isn't really that popular here in Indonesia, I've seen less than 10 GLCs on the road. Probably because compared to the GLA's cheaper price tag, the GLC is just isn't that attractive (despite being the better looking one). However, there is one GLC model that we're interested in, here it is:

    The Mercedes-AMG GLC63. Oh yes. It is still essentially a lifted C63, with a 4.0L turbocharged V8 underneath it's bonnet. This places the GLC63 in that middle sweet spot, a bit above the GLA45 AMG, and right underneath the rather ugly GLE63 AMG which has a 5.5L twin-turbo V8.

    Anyway, it’s the usual ‘S recipe’ we’ve gotten used to from AMG, which means a base-spec, 469bhp GLC 63 with a mechanical limited-slip differential at the rear, and a range-topping GLC 63 S with 503bhp and an electronically-controlled diff.

    All GLC63 models will come with Merc's '4Matic' all-wheel drive system as standard, where it powers the rear-wheels most of the time and bringing power to the front-axle only when the computer thinks necessary. Yeay. Between the engine and the wheels, the power will be transferred through AMG's 9-speed 'MCT' gearbox. Not yeay. I don't much fancy 9 gears in a gearbox, I think 7 is sufficient and 8 is just about enough.

    While power remains the same as the C63 models, the GLC63 can actually hit 0-100km/h in just 4 seconds, while the S models will do it in just 3.8 seconds. This is what happens when you combine all-wheel drive with launch control. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this totally practical 5-seat SUV where you could carry groceries and take your children in it has launch control.

    So Speeders, are you interested? We mostly like it for it's looks. The front bumper intakes as well as the grille looks absolutely menacing.