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  • [SC NEWS] The Jaguar F-Type Now Comes with A Four-Cylinder Engine

    No. Just, no. That's my first personal response upon reading the news that Jaguar will now start using their new 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder 'Ingenium' engine in the F-Type. While it does have some upsides, the F-Type does have a bit of a cult following much like the 911, and the F-Type's signature dish is the supercharged V6s and V8, isn't it? Not a turbocharged four-cylinder. It's like telling the Queen of England to wear leggings. It's not appropriate.

    Admittedly, the 2.0L engine does produce 297 horsepower, which compared to the base V6 power figure of 335 horsepower, is not far off. Not to mention the 2.0L version is 52kg lighter thanks to the smaller engine, which makes it a little bit faster to 100km/h with an official time of 5.4 seconds compared to the base V6 time of 5.5 seconds. Not much we know, but in the world of racing, one second is the difference between a world champion and a pathetic, excuse-making loser.

    Jaguar has assured the world that the air intake and exhaust have been “meticulously tuned to delivery renowned F-Type sound,” but we highly doubt that with an inline-4 engine. Still, lets see how it goes, we'd like to see it in real life.

    The thing is, this new entry-level model will be even cheaper and that's a good thing, it'll be nice to have an affordable F-Type, but while the front-end looks as menacing as ever, the rear-end with that ridiculously huge exhaust looks like it's been done by a body-kit workshop you'd find on the side of the road. FIx that please, Jaguar. Then we could talk.