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  • [NEWS] Ferrari Festival of Speed: LaFerrari Aperta Grand Launching

    Before we get to the main event, we want to take you guys closer with stars of the show. If you went to the event and saw them, youre lucky. If you didnt, well dont worry, were going to explore these beauties.

    The Ferrari Festival of Speed is a celebration of Ferraris 70th anniversary. It was clearly a big deal, we went to the press conference which was held with the launching of the LaFerrari Aperta, which was attended by Enrico Galliera and Dieter Knechtel, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Ferrari S.p.A and Ferrari Far East and Middle East Managing Director respectively.

    Well be discussing more about the main event soon, but now lets take a look at some of the beautiful lineup Ferrari has brought. First of all, is obviously the LaFerrari Aperta. The press conference at the 20th was held to also launch the LaFerrari Aperta to the Indonesian public. The LaFerrari Aperta was unveiled last year, and is essentially a LaFerrari with a removable roof, and with only 209 examples being made, only the true elites can buy these babies.

    If youve been following me on Instagram, you would know that Im not a fan of the LaFerraris styling, but with the roof gone, the LaFerrari Aperta really looks rather special. Its still a bit too quirky for my taste, but who can resist a 217mph hair dryer?

    This particular example is still owned by Ferrari and is still looking for a home, so should you have the means to buy this spectacular piece of engineering, we suggest that you contact Ferrari right away.

    The second biggest star of the show in our eyes is this Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, a Ferrari racecar that was built throughout the 50s and 60s. Although personally not my favorite of the Ferrari 250 lineup I myself prefer the GTO and the 250GT Lusso its still a beautiful thing to behold. The curvy front wheel arches looks like it was designed back in the 30s, the 3.0L V12 along with the long thrusting bonnet as well as the short rear-end makes it such an elegant thing to look at, surely something that is only driven by men in leather boots and as classy as the queen of England.

    There are a total of 34 Testa Rossas ever built, and rumour has it that this car was bought at a staggering $40 million, or around 400 billion IDR. Thats a lot of money for a car no matter how you put it, but its more than that; the 250TR is a piece of automotive history, its a piece of art.

    Another one that caught our attention was this Ferrari 599XX. If you think its a racecar, youd be wrong. While it is a track version of the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, which is more of a comfortable GT car, the 599XX is a track-only version made by Ferrari for a select few customers probably for some oil sheikhs as well as some media moguls so that they could take this production-derived racing car to any track they want and pretend to be Michael Schumacher for a day. The 6.0L V12 was uprated to produce 730 horsepower, it was lighter, with bigger brakes, as well as a fixed spoiler which comes with DRS if the buyers werent cheap with their 599XX.

    While the 599XX is one of those Ferraris that we really adore, I personally wouldve gone for Ferrari Rosso on the color scheme along with black wheels. Much better.

    Rewind back 40 years, and the 599XX can trace its roots back to this Ferrari Daytona or also known as the GTB/4. This racing version was called the Ferrari Daytona LM, and unlike its 599XX descendant, it actually competed in racing, where it participated in LeMans with its 450 horsepower 4.4L Colombo V12. The cars were not raced by the official Scuderia Ferrari team, but by a range of private entrants. They enjoyed particular success in LeMans, with results including a 5th overall in 1971, followed by GT class wins in 1972, 1973 and 1974. The final major success of the car was in 1979, when a 1973 car achieved a class victory (2nd overall) in the 24 Hours of Daytona.

    Other interesting lineups included this beautiful triple threat of Ferrari 430 Scuderias, personally one of my favorite mid-engine Ferraris of all time. The bodykits are far more aggressive, and the F136 V8 power plant has a rougher and growly note as opposed to the 458s screaming V8 note. Anyone fancy a race with these Scuderias?

    There are a lineup of Ferrari 599s as well as several 512 Testarossa, ranging from the beautiful first generation with the pop-up headlamps to the rather hideous later generation with its smiley face and fixed headlight housing.

    Those were some of the main stars that we saw back during the press conference and launch of the LaFerrari Aperta, be sure to stay tuned for more!

    Photos by: Glen Sullivan, Ryan Adiputra
    Words by: Hafizh Pratama