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  • [SC LIST] 5 Facts About The Koenigsegg CCX

    Indonesian petrolheads have been losing their minds over the Koenigsegg CCX Bespoke that have recently been wreaking havoc to the country. Partly because itís the only Koenigsegg in Indonesia, and partly because itís one of those high-end exotics that only immortals can afford. So, keeping up with theme of fanboy-ing over this Swedish hypercar, here are some facts about the CCX:

    1. Itís Powerful

    Duh. Obviously. The Koenigsegg CCX is powered by a 4.7L twin supercharged (yes, two superchargers) V8, producing a more than enough power figure of 806 horsepower. In a car that weighs just 1450kg, that is mental. This engine was also Koenigseggís first own engine, previous models have been using a highly-modified Ford block. And thatís a segway for the next fact!

    2. It Runs on 91 Octane

    Yes, you donít have to buy the most expensive fuel out there for you CCX. The all-alumunium Koenigsegg engine was designed so that the car can take in 91 octane fuel, as well as meet US emissions regulations.

    3. No More Than 50 Exists

    Production of the CCX stopped in 2010, only 49 were ever built, including versions such as the CCX-R, the Trevista, and other one-offs. So yes, it is a very rare hypercar. While it is a shame there isnít much of these Swedish beauties on the roads, it is nice to know that their limiting the numbers, making it rather special. Unlike certain manufacturers *cough*Lamborghini*cough*

    4. Itís a Bespoke

    "Wait? If production ended in 2010, then this must be a secondhand car?" Youíre probably asking yourself, imaginary reader whom Iím having a conversation with. Well, yes and no. We donít have quite the details on how this car was purchased, but it is a CCX Bespoke, where it has been customized by Koenigsegg themselves back in Angleholm and then sent to Indonesia.

    From what we understand, this was a secondhand unit, thatís been taken back to Koenigseggís factory, where it was ďrefurbishedĒ and some of the specifications have been changed to fit the customerís taste and preference. Such as the 6-speed automated-manual gearbox (earlier CCX comes with a manual), and a plaque saying that it was built for Indonesia. It might even have had a right-hand drive conversion.

    5. The Ghost of Angleholm

    The F10 Angleholm is a former Swedish Air Force wing, the Koenigsegg factory and office buildings are located former F10 buildings, hence the ĎGhost of Angleholmí lives inside every Koenigsegg. I think itís pretty cool, the fact that Koenigseggs look like fighter jets and looks spooky really fits the name. Scares the crap out of those Lamborghinis and Ferraris, no?

    Well, those are five interesting facts about the Koenigsegg that we thought you guys should know. Is there anything that we missed? Whatís your favorite thing about the CCX? Donít forget to share and comment below!