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  • [NEWS] BMW Is Not Making A Four-Cylinder M-Car Anytime Soon

    It's called moving on with the times, car manufacturers are forced to create smaller engines which are more efficient and more environment-friendly. Great news for Greenpeace, bad news for people who drinks petrol for breakfast, like us. Figuratively, of course, not literally.

    Pretty much everyone had to downsize their engines, as there was no way to make their larger engines as eco-friendly as the smaller engines. AMG went away from their 6.2L V8s and opted for smaller 4.0L turbo V8s, they even have 4-cylinder engines in their AMG lineup. Even Ferrari has been using smaller engines with turbochargers.

    BMW is no exception, during the E90 and E60 days they had a rev-happy V8 for the M3, and an F1-derived 5.0L V10 in the M5. How fantastic is that? Now though the M3 lineup has gone back to it's straight-6 heritage, and although the M5 still has a V8, it is turbocharged and is about as loud as a library.

    Thankfully, it seems the straight-6 are the smallest engines BMW's M division is going to make, for now, at least. Speaking to Australian media in Munich, M Division boss Frank van Meel said:

    “We are really happy with our six-cylinder [engines] because for BMW and BMW M that is our heritage engine. We started with six-cylinder in the M1 so it has a long history. BMW is a six-cylinder inline company and, for us, it’s an iconic engine."

    “If you look at it with a four-cylinder, I don’t see characteristics that I would like on an M car, on a small displacement turbocharged four-cylinder engine. I wouldn’t do a four-cylinder standalone turbocharged with high performance, because you always have the characteristic that if you want high performance you lose the low-end torque and you lose the overall driveability you want to have from the car.”

    We agree, while we loved the V8 in the E90/E92 M3, the straight-6 plays a huge part in the company's history, as the E36 and E46 had those, and so did the first M-car; the M1. BMW M-cars today are more laid back and less of an animal compared to older versions such as the E60, and although that's been the direction BMW have been pursuing, creating a four-cylinder engine would simply almost completely ruin that sports car sensation and feel that the M-division is so proud about.

    Mr. van Meel did say there's work ongoing with BMW's i division to create better batteries for future M-plans, and while an electric motor would go great with turbocharged four-cylinder engines, there's the problem with power-to-weight ratio as batteries are about as heavy as your uncle after a christmas dinner, putting so much weight would go against BMW's motorsport philosophies.

    So for now, there will be no four-cylinder M-cars in the making, and the E30 M3 remains as the only four-cylinder powered M-car. Are you happy about that? Or are you a fan of the four-cylinder setup and you want BMW's M-division to give it a shot?

    Via CarThrottle