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  • [NEWS] Battle of The Giants: Bugatti Chiron vs Koenigsegg Agera RS

    Bugatti is known for creating some of the fastest cars on Earth and they're certainly proud of it, they Veyron is one of those very few cars that could crack 400km/h, and the Chiron have just broke the record for 0-400-0, that's going from a stand still, to 400km/h and back to stop again, which it did in just 42 seconds. My car would have barely reached 200km/h in that time. Check out the video here (the Chiron that is, not my car):

    Although there were no raw footage and the video is heavily edited and you could question it's legitimacy, still, we're sure Bugatti did it and it is an impressive feat. Koenigsegg however, said that they could do one better with the Agera RS, and they did:

    The Agera RS did it in 36.44 seconds, around 5.52 seconds faster than the Chiron, which isn't really a surprise as the Agera RS has 1341 horsepower and is lighter than the Chiron. In terms of raw speed? Koenigseggs are probably better than Bugattis.

    However, if you paid attention to the video, the Agera RS had roll-bars in it, meanwhile the Chiron didn't. My point is, the Chiron is about so much more than just raw speed; it's about luxury, it's about elegance, and how they combine first-class luxury with such immense speed. For me, Bugattis will always come out on top when compared to Koenigseggs, because they are about so much more than speed.

    What do you think? Would you pick a Koenigsegg over a Bugatti?
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