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  • [NEWS] Lighter, Simpler, and Possibly Better: The 911 Carrera T

    We did a quick count, and if our math was right and our knowledge of the Porsche 911 lineup was correct, there are (more or less) 17 models in the 911 lineup, 21 if you count the limited production ones. This is a tremendous amount of models for just one car, not to mention the different trims and specific customer orders, the production line just sounds like a nightmare. However, Porsche certainly thought it could use one more model, and here it is: the Carrera T.

    Porsche is reviving it's 'T' badge that was first used back in 1968, this new Carrera T, or Touring, is going to be lighter than your standard 911s. The things Porsche have done to reduce the weight is remove the rear seats, fit nylon door-opening loops instead of proper handles, there's also thinner, lighter glass for the rear windscreen and side-rear panes. There’s less soundproofing material throughout, and you can remove the Porsche Communication Management system as well, which means no one can bother you with a call while you go for a hoon.

    The weight saving is actually not that massive, it's only about 20kg lighter than your everyday Carrera, which doesn't sound like much, since children weighs more than that anyway. Also, power figure remains the same as well. However, it does have shorter ratios on the gearbox which gives it a bit more punch.

    The Carrera T seems to be aimed at the proper Porsche driving enthusiasts, since in terms of spec sheets it's not all that different, the main difference in this car would be in it's driving sensation. If you're not a hardcore driving enthusiast or yearning for a cheap GTS of sorts, the Carrera T is probably not for you.

    Overall, the Carrera T doesn't sound all that exciting, not to mention it's more expensive as well than a standard Carrera. While Porsche is usually the king when it comes to the "less is more" philosophy, the T just doesn't seem that worth it to us. It just adds the confusion when you're ticking through the boxes in the vehicle order form.

    Via AutoExpress