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  • [NEWS] John Cena Is Being Sued by Ford For Selling His Ford GT

    We quite like the new Ford GT, it's a refreshing take on the American's legendary Le Mans racer. What we didn't like was Ford's gimmick where they chose whether you were worthy or not to buy the the GT, and by "worthy", we meant popular.

    Yes, unless you're a Youtuber or an Instagram public figure with millions of followers, or unless you were a superstar like John Cena, Ford is less likely to give you a chance to buy their car, it's their marketing strategy; they choose famous people who are going to post about their new GT for some publicity, rather than selling the GT to actual petrolheads who are passionate about car. Come on Ford, the only one who could get away with this "we choose you to buy our car" gimmick is Ferrari, and maybe Porsche. Even they look incredibly pretentious when they do this.

    Anyway, John Cena was one of the lucky few to have been able to buy the GT, and just like any GT owners, Cena signed an agreement where he wasn't allowed to sell the car for at least two years, so when he did, Ford wasn't pleased.

    John Cena is reportedly in the middle of a financial issue, so he needed to sell his GT to pay his bills. Seems like Ford is just being a douche, no? Kicking a guy while he's down, however, that said, rumour has it that Ford already offered Cena to buy back the GT, but Cena declined and instead sold his GT for a profit.

    While it's easy to feel sorry for John Cena and hate Ford for this, Cena did signed the contract and IF Ford really did offer him to buy the GT back, then Cena got no one else to blame for getting himself into the middle of this debacle.

    Perhaps Cena was hoping that Ford can't see him, but we guess the lawyer still did.