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  • Bugatti Veyron Arrives In Jakarta: 5 Facts You Should Know

    Yes, although it might be a few years late, the Indonesian public now has finally seen a Bugatti Veyron in Indonesia. While it might not be the first Veyron in Indonesia Ė yes, there are credible sources that says thereís another Bugatti in Indonesia Ė this is definitely the first time a Bugatti Veyron has made a public appearance in Indonesia, and weíre just as excited as you are. Here are five things you should know:

    1. Itís the early version Veyron

    Prestige Motorcars is the importer that have brought this Veyron over to Indonesia. The Veyron that have been brought here is the early EB16.4 version, the first version of the Veyron, which was first produced in 2005 and ended in 2011 after the Super Sport came out.

    2. Where The 16.4 Name Comes From

    In case you forgot, hereís a bit of a refresher about the Veyron: it packs an 8.000cc engine in the W16 configuration, yes that means it has 16 cylinders. The W16 engine is turbocharged by not one, not two, but four turbochargers, hence the model name: Veyron EB 16.4. Bonkers? Yes.

    Bonus fact: EB stands for Ettore Bugatti, the Italian-born Frenchman who founded Bugatti in 1909, Bugatti had several shaky years since 1963 before it was then bought by VW in 1998 who then developed the Veyron.

    3. One thousand and one, not 1000.

    That massive engine meanwhile produces 1001 horsepower. Yes, not just 1000, but 1001, makes all the difference, doesnít it? This means the Veyron can launch from 0-100km/h in just 2.5 seconds.

    That massive power is distributed to all four wheels, through a 7-speed DSG gearbox from VW. Yes, this million dollar hypercar has Ė in essence Ė the same gearbox as your everyday VW Golf. Interesting stuff.

    4. The most expensive car in the world

    Well, it was when it first came out. The first version of the Veyron had a base price of $1.700.000, making it not only the fastest car in the world at that time, but also the most expensive.

    While in the subject of prices, this Veyron is not actually for sale. This Veyron has simply been lent by Bugatti for Prestige Motorcars to be displayed at their showroom, with the sole purpose of introducing the hypercar to the Indonesian market and as a test to see if there are any potential customers for the Bugatti Chiron in Indonesia.

    If youíre interested, you could order the new Chiron from Prestige Motorcars, with a base price of $6,500,000. Thatís well over 80 billion IDR if youíre wondering. Mind you, thatís including the tax, so thatís not so bad. But then again, thatís the base price before you start speccing up your Chiron with fancy wheels, leathers, and whatnot.

    5. Itís a record-making machine

    Before the Veyron came out, the speed record holder for a road car was the McLaren F1, which was capable of reaching 240mph (386km/h), the Veyron then broke that record by cracking 251mph (403km/h), making it the first road car to crack the 400km/h mark, setting a new standard for the speed race.

    Afterwards there were record breakers as well such as Koenigsegg and an American company we canít quite remember, but the Veyron took it back with the Super Sport version, which had 1200 horsepower and could do 256mph (411km/h). Impressive stuff.

    As weíve said, it is a bit late and the Veyron is starting to look a bit ageing, especially since the Chiron came out. That said, itís still an amazing piece of engineering; it can crack 400km/h without breaking a sweat, itís the first road car that could do 0-100km/h in just 2.5 seconds, and it can do all that with a windscreen wiper, a radio, and pretty much any reasonable amenities that youíd expect from a car that was made in the early 2000.

    While the Veyron is not for sale, the Chiron is up for grabs, what do you think? Is the Chiron overpriced? What do you think is the next hypercar that Prestige is going to bring to Indonesia?

    Photo by: Ryan Adiputra