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  • [SC NEWS] 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Is Here

    If you want a hatchback with refinement, luxury and overall more ďgrownupĒ compared to other hatchbacks, weíre pretty sure the A-Class is the one for you. The 1-Series is a bit sportier compared to the Merc, and the only real competitor we could think of is the Audi A3. Anyway, Mercís A-Class feels a bit ageing as it still uses a lot of components from old Mercs, but Mercedes have revealed the latest A-Class, and itís quite impressive.

    The look, much like the CLS, is up for debate. The A-Class has the same front headlight design as the CLS, and while it looks good from the side, the front end does look slightly weird. The rear-lights meanwhile also look slightly weird, well, for me personally at least. But I think weíll get used to it after a while.

    While it has a new design and new engines, the biggest change is on the inside. Gone is the old looking steering wheel and Mercís clunky old entertainment system, and now it incorporates the massive screen onto itís dashboard just like the bigger cars such as the E and S-Class. While it may not look that good, we get that Merc is trying to make the A-Class even more luxurious, and itís better than their older system.

    The new system is called MBUX, which we think is largely the same as itís old system in latest-gen Merc, but it seems to be more focused in touch-sensitive operation. As in touch screen, not that the system cries when you touch it. Anyway, the graphics look good.

    The steering wheel, ambient lighting and air vents comes straight out of an S-Class, and at a glance you really couldnít tell the difference, you would think itís one of Mercís flagship models. Although we have a sneaking suspicion that this interior is available exclusively for the higher-end model such as the A250. Speaking of whichÖ

    At itís launch, there will be three available models; the A200, A250, and A180d. All with new engines, the A200 has a 1.4L turbo petrol with 161 horsepower, the A180d has a 114 horsepower diesel engine, and the one you want: the A250 packs a 2.0L turbo petrol with 221 horsepower, which means it would easily keep up with the likes of the Golf GTI.

    For now, thatís all there is, the AMG that weíre sure youíre all waiting for is not yet here, but there have been rumors that it could have as much as 400 horsepower, perhaps even more. Weíre optimistic that, in terms of speed at least, the next A45 AMG will set a new high for hatchbacks. Lets wait and see what the boffins at AMG will come up with.

    Are you excited for the new A-Class? We certainly are, it seems that it has set a new standard for luxury hatchbacks, and while obviously we have no word yet on Indonesian pricing or in fact where it will come here, expect it will be here as early as late this year, but the price tag might be a bit hefty, especially for the A250.