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  • [SC BLOG] Would You Buy A Mansory?

    Mansory is a supercar and hypercar tuner, turning already very impressive beasts into something even more bombastic and exclusive, but for me at least, lacking in taste.

    Mansory’s tuning usually includes giving already extravagant cars with extravagant bodykits, fitting a lot of carbon fibres, and more power, with very little restraint. The problem with tuning these supercars and hypercars is that these beasts are already designed to be as extravagant, and as good as they can be. The likes of Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin and many others know what they’re doing, and they design a car as good as it can be, both in terms of looks and performance. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder and car makers can sometimes get it wrong, Mansory often shows very little restraint in terms of bodykit design and simply put crazy aero works with crazy angles with a function follows form philosophy.

    Take the Ferrari F12 for example, while some people might prefer the older 599 and even the 575, the F12 is by no means an ugly car, and it looks more menacing that most other supercars.

    Then take this Stallone F12 made by Mansory, take a good look at it and honestly say to yourself you’d rather have this rather than a standard-looking F12. The wheels look okay but the front end looks like the F12 and the Enzo had sex and the result is a rather ugly, and weird looking baby.

    Other creations include a hideous Panamera and Bugatti Veyron that look way over the top, these cars came out of the factory looking as good as they can be, well, apart from their hardcore track versions that is. With Mansory trying to improve these cars is a bit like a four-star hotel restaurant chef trying to improve a three-star Michelin chef. They’re not bad chefs, but really it doesn’t get any better than three-star Michelin.

    Tortured analogies aside, Mansory can, sometimes at least, create good looking cars. While I personally have never been a fan of their older creations, some of their new ones are actually not half bad, this includes: Stallone 812 Superfast, Aston Martin DB11, and their 720S.

    Some bits of the 720S may look a bit much, but it’s still more restraint compared to their previous creations; the 720S Mansory actually looks like something McLaren were to design if they came up with a track-ready 720S.

    Then there’s the DB11, which is called the Mansory Cyrus, which looks a lot like the Zagato from a few years ago and is rather good looking. The big mouth up front might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s still a lot less aggressive and less preposterous than the usual Mansory design.

    And finally the Stallone 812 Superfast, yes, at a glance it looks a bit much, but after a while it’s actually not bad. Personally, a standard 812 to me look a bit like the new Dodge Viper. I once watched a review of the 812 by Chris Harris and I swore that I thought he was reviewing a Viper up until he said Ferrari.

    The Mansory 812 fixed the problem of the 812 looking a lot like the Viper, and they did it by not fitting ridiculous bodykits with all sorts of weird angles. If you take off that black paint/sticker that runs down the bonnet, it would look very normal. And maybe wheels with a different spec for a better fitment.

    All of the three cars have received power upgrades, with the Ferrari and McLaren about 30 horsepower and the DB11 around 100 horsepower, don’t expect them to be any faster around a track though, I highly doubt the suspension upgrades are there to make the car go round corners faster.

    These latest Mansorys, which have been revealed at Geneva looks surprisingly restraint, and I find them to be quite desirable; especially the 720S and the 812 Superfast. If you had the choice, would go for the standard, albeit already very impressive 720S and the 812, or would you go for Mansory’s creation? For the first time in Mansory’s existence, I find it quite difficult to decide.