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  • [NEWS] Official: Rolls Royce Cullinan

    We hate the idea of these high-end manufacturers jumping on the SUV bandwagon, Bentley with their Bentayga and Lamborghini with the Urus. The problem is that they spend their time creating incredibly ugly SUVs instead of making exciting cars that petrolheads would buy, such as a sedan. Hell, we'd even take an estate/wagon.

    However, this latest creation from Rolls Royce is rather stunning, and we quite like it. If you don't like the Bentayga and want a good looking high-end SUV, the Cullinan might be just for you.

    The Cullinan is powered by Rolls Royce's 6.75L V12 producing a nice 563 horsepower and 627lb-ft of torque, no stupid V8s here - we're looking at you, Urus. Top speed is limited to 155mph, while 0-100km/h time isn't released by Rolls Royce because frankly they couldn't be bothered with something as childish as acceleration. But we imagine the Cullinan is perfectly capable of reaching 100km/h in under 5 seconds.

    When compared to other Rolls Royces, the Cullinan has stronger drive and prop shafts, as well as larger suspension struts with more volume to cushion off-road blows. This is also Rolls Royce's first four-wheel drive car.

    An interesting feature of the Cullinan are the folding rear-seats (well, more like a bench) that extends from the back of the car, this should be useful should you take your Cullinan on a countryside holiday and you want to enjoy the sunset from the back of your car without getting dirty from all those dirt and mud on the tailgate. Or as we Indonesians call it: "nongkrong". Lovely.

    There's loads more features on the Cullinan that honestly we couldn't be bothered to write about, and you're probably not interested. Even if you are, you'd probably already went over to their showroom by now, but we'll finish with this: this just might be the best SUV out there.

    Instead of making massive ugly SUVs that tries to look like a coupe and goes like a supercar, why not make a comfortable, good-looking, luxurious SUV that really is leisurely? This is just miles a better concept than what the Urus is and much better looking that mega ugly Bentayga.

    We're not sure why buyers in countries such as the UK, German, and other countries with smooth roads would buy this rather than a Phantom or even a Ghost (unless they do take it offroad), but if you live in a country with terrible roads - such as Indonesia - the Cullinan does make sense. Go ahead, we approve of this SUV.