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  • [SC NEWS] Mercedes-AMG C63 S by Mansory

    We talked about how Mansory is becoming restrained and subtle with their styling lately, and while the 812 Stallone and 720S still looks bonkers, they are relatively “calm” in terms of design compared to their previous creations.

    Mansory is a bit like those crazy, vulgar, and party-animal rock stars that become more and more conservative and calm as they get older, this Merc-AMG C63 S by Mansory is a good example:

    Instead of having wheels the size of Jupiter and carbon fiber all-around it’s body with diamonds stuck onto a three-meter tall spoiler, this C63 by Mansory looks restrained with carbon fiber bits only on it’s side vents and it’s front spoiler as well as rear-diffuser. The wings are simple, carbon fibre duck-tail spoilers as well that doesn’t look that much different from the standard AMG.

    The only somewhat “shouty” thing on it is the black and red stripes that run over the body and the red accents on the side skirts, and those are perfectly understandable in a sports coupe such as the C63, it gives it more of a racing look.

    The racing look is justifiable as well since Mansory have bumped up the C63’s power to 641 horsepower, a healthy 138 horsepower more than the standard car; so no one has the right to call you a ricer, then.

    That said, the exhaust tips might be massive but they are fake, but then again even AMG gives the C63 fake tips from the factory. Regardless, this C63 now tops out at 192mph rather than being limited at 155mph, so make sure you don’t go cheap on the tyres.

    We quite like this latest creation from Mansory, it’s rather subtle and yet shouts just enough for a sports coupe. However we’d probably skip the wheels on go for something like a set of BBS or HRE and stick with a Mercedes badge rather than Mansory’s.