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  • [SC NEWS] This Is The Most Beautiful Alfa Romeo 4C You値l Ever See

    The Alfa 4C is by no means an ugly car, and when it was launched, we like to believe it was their finest moment eve since the launch of the 8C. However, there will always be people that thinks the Alfa 4C can and should look better, and Umberto Palermo Design is one of them.

    Umberto Palermo Design is a coach builder, and in collaboration with the Adler Group, this Alfa 4C is the Alfa Romeo we deserve and want but have never thought to ask before. It痴 called the Alfa Romeo Mole Costruzione Artigianale 001, we池e sticking with ARMCA 001, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

    While the standard 4C has massive headlights on each side, the ARMCA 001 meanwhile has a pair of very small ones on each side resting on buttresses, which looks a bit as if the McLaren 720S and Alfa Giulia/Stelvio decided to have a baby. We rather like it.

    There痴 also an array of LED lights near the fog lamps, and the car痴 edges are more prominent and slightly sharper, giving it a more distinguished look compared to the standard 4C.

    The side air-intakes are now smaller and look more boxy for some reason, but it does look well-incorporated into the rest of the car. At the rear meanwhile are redesigned rear-lights, the rear-deck is now covered with louvres, meaning that you can稚 see what痴 at the back, but then it just looks so good. We could do without the stacked exhaust pipes though.

    The interior is still as spartan as ever, but two-tone leather schemes as well as silver bits means this coach-built 4C would feel more luxurious from the inside.

    Honestly we池e lost for words, this is quite simply the most beautiful Alfa Romeo of recent times and we池e hoping a next-gen 4C would look something like this. What do you think? Is this one-off a looker or would you stick with the original car?