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    [NEWS] SPEED CREED PSA: Importance of Defensive Driving

    Here at Speed Creed we are called to do a Public Service Announcement about how important it is to exercise preventive Defensive Driving at all times while carrying the act of driving. Importance of safety driving impacts oneself and also other drivers around you- at any given time. Which means everybody are subjects of liability at any given time when you are on the road- theoretically everybody have to be aware of and care about others safety. But much of that theory does not hold on the road and accidents happen.


    As experienced this past weekend by one of our loyal member, when he was forced to struck a swerving bus while the bus try to avoid an uncontrollable truck with a blown tire. Clearly the situation was inevitable and poses many undeniable lack of care for road and vehicle safety. On another unfortunate note, the driver of the truck with blown tire passed away at the scene thrown forward from inside the truck as it collided with road barrier. Believe it or not all this are avoidable, and our member should not be a victim of such careless acts from less aware individuals- on a sad note, millions of these careless drivers are on the road at any given time.


    So What Can We Do?

    Always carry defensive driving mentality with you at all times. Many of us are exposed to many theories about defensive driving from many sources that sometimes seems ambiguous and confusing, which one should we believe you might ask? Well truthfully all of them are right- their mindset are on to road safety despite multiple ways to present them to the masses.

    In short, although unfortunate, the truck driver could have prevent the accident by checking all tire condition prior departing for the journey and the bus driver should not have swerve onto all three highway lanes, especially if the driver checks his blind-spot often (A crucial trait that majority of Indonesian drivers choose to ignore), then our member did not have to be a victim of an imminent collision that totaled his beautiful Verde Ithaca super car.

    On a proper note, our member was not hurt despite the damage posed on his Lamborghini because he was not speeding and while being a very experienced driver he also exercise high defensive driving awareness. He was a victim in this incident and sadly have to bare all liable costs himself while being not at fault. Most importantly he did not cause harm to other drivers following him.

    Accidents do happen nonetheless; cars do get damage and thatís all right they can be fixed, lives however is a completely different matter. The sheer importance of preserving people lives and care for your surroundings have to be strengthened within our society, no accident does not mean it will not happen in the future and that is what being defensive is all about- act smart and avoid accidents from happening all together.

    So remember speeders, always be aware, inspect your car routinely, and always leave an exit strategy during driving. Be safe, be smart and enjoy driving another day.

    Video & Official Press Release of the Incident

    Words By: Edrick Pramana

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    Re: [NEWS] SPEED CREED PSA: Importance of Defensive Driving

    oohh ini yang kuasa hukum itu yah



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